Stories Need To Be Told...

...lest they dissolve into oblivion.
There are moments that need to be captured and made eternal simply because there is a wealth of emotions and spirituality in them. Painting a picture with words is one of the ways to immortalize these for people who were not there and for the future generation.
This is my contribution....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


The night came,
Soft as a blanket.
The moon, furtive in day
A faint watermark in the sky,
Has now started to smile, and shine an eerie light.

SHE sat and watched,
As another day
Fell off the calendar’s like a leaf
As the world tried to wind down
Ready for a moment of slumber.

The utter loneliness
That ruled all day...
The craving for that one soul,
Gained even more strength at dusk
And tears well up, ready to fall.

The sounds and noise
Fade away into silence...
As HER beating heart drowns everything,
Speaking out loud, screaming
The words locked up inside declares.

Across the distance
From where HE sat
HIS thoughts were of HER and HER ALONE...
HE sends a piece of his heart, his soul,
A wish, a thought, carried upon the lightest breeze.

SHE takes a breath,
Just as the breeze comes in...
SHE senses it and HER chest freeze; mid-rise
HER throat constricts as SHE takes in the air
Filled with love and hope and promise, from HIM.

SHE... understands,
The breadth and depth and width and height
Of spirit , of soul... and of heart
She looks up at the moon, now almost full,
Yellow against the blue -black sky; she sighs.

On the other side...
HE looks up
At the very same moon; HE sees HER face
HE feels HER tender embrace.
HE hears HER whisper true loving thoughts,
That no words can ever say.

Amidst the pain
A smile is born, joy...for HIM and HER.
They know they hold each other’s hearts
And distance is just a word, where souls and hearts are one.
They know, however wide the gap in between, they can look up
And see the same one moon, under the same one blue-black sky

And that is enough...

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